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Bear Geotechnical Consultants are the ‘go-to’ geotechnical consultants for all our clients’ testing and design needs. Here is why:
Our two directors are respected geotechnical leaders who bring the most recent insights and developments in geotechnical practice to our clients’ projects.

Siyamazi Ndlovu (director)
A registered professional engineering geologist with an MSc in Engineering Geology, Siya is particularly passionate about open pit mines and slope stability and rock engineering. She is the president of the SAIEG council.
“I have been fortunate to work on some really big and interesting projects. I enjoy travelling and meeting people. I chose consulting because I love the exposure it gives me to a variety of projects where I need to find different solutions to challenges on those projects. I have focused on learning as much as possible at different points in my career and have worked hard at exposing myself to the length and breadth of engineering geology.”

Tony A’ Bear (director)
With over four decades of experience, Tony is registered as a Level 4 expert in dolomite and has broad experience in soil profiling and chip logging – and has previously held courses on the subject. He is a registered scientist, a past president of South African Institute of Engineering and Environmental Geologists (SAIEG) and a fellow of the institute.
“With engineering geology, I can work outdoors and travel around the country and Africa. We are often the first people onsite and have the privilege of seeing some beautiful places. I enjoy working with engineers and the creativity needed when finding solutions to problems.”

Neo Mabilo
A registered engineering geologist, Neo has an honours degree in Engineering and Environmental Geology. She loves to study the effect that rocks have on the built environment.
“I grew up in Vosloorus in Ekurhuleni that is bult on dolomite. As a high school student, people would visit my school as part of a dolomite awareness programme to explain its dangers. We had a sinkhole on our school’s property. This sparked my interest in geology. It is satisfying to do a geotechnical investigation on open, undeveloped land and view structures on that land at a later stage. As a geologist, you uncover the secrets of what is beneath the surface.

Boitshwarelo Moatshe
Boitshwarelo is a graduate technician with an advanced diploma in Geology.
“A high school teacher encouraged my interest in geology and even helped me to apply for my diploma. This is an exciting career for me, it has inspired an interest in travelling, as my work has already taken me to different parts of South Africa that I have never seen and I have met some interesting people.

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